About us

POLISTORIC BUENOS AIRES is our way to show and share Buenos Aires from political and historical issues. It arises as a consequence to some of the questions and comments our visitors have asked over the years we’ve been working as tour guides.


Why is Argentina going through economic difficulties, being such a rich country? Is it true that Peron helped Nazi refugees enter the country? What do we mean when we talk about “missing”? Many people say that Argentina is going through a serious economic crisis but we don’t see that in the city.


Why didn’t Francisco visit Argentina anymore since he became the pope? What is the African footprint in Argentina?


The tours proposed by POLISTORIC BUENOS AIRES that are detailed here do not exclude many others or other activities in Buenos Aires (city tours, farms, tango, jewish tours, etc.).


Your inquiry will always be welcome, and we’ll be pleased to answer.



SANDRA. She is a Professional Guide of Buenos Aires and distributes her time guiding the city, and many other places out of it, as well as teaching at the university. Open-minded and flexible to ideas and comments, she has the ability to combine knowledge with humor and not limiting the tours to the specific topic relating them to other aspects, with descriptions of the city’s architecture and comments on current political affairs.


MARIO. He guides Buenos Aires almost since the foundation of it. As a result of his experience guiding Art History in Italy and Spain he wrote a book about the Recoleta Cemetery highlighting the artistic and symbolic richness that the cemetery exhibits. Another of his favorite interests is focused on contemporary history and has just been translated into a guide / study on the Nazis in Argentina.He is a witness of the biggest political events of the last 50 years.


ANDY, SARA and MIRIAM, three junior professionals who contribute with their knowledges and enthusiasm.


  • The Eva Peron tour travels through Bs.As. telling the story of her life and legacy, she was one of the most important politiceans in argentina history.

  • Argentina, especially Buenos Aires have suffered important episodes during the twenty century in which many citizens were victims of institutional violence.

  • Due to its architectural originallity ,undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions in Buenos Aires is the Recoleta Cemetery, the artistic richness of its mausoleums and its particular conception as "city of the dead" or "city of angels"As defined by a writer.

  • This is the very best way to get to know about this controversial topic, As we walk and drive through vibrant Buenos Aires, you’ll hear all about this migratory process at the end of World War II.