TOUR HUMAN RIGHTS (The 70s in Buenos Aires)


TOUR HUMAN RIGHTS (The 70s in Buenos Aires)

Argentina, especially Buenos Aires have suffered important episodes during the twenty century in which many citizens were victims of institutional violence. From the repression of the workers and pogroms in the 1910s, the bombing to the May square in 1955 until the recent attacks against the Jewish community, a tragic sign marked the argentinian society. No doubts, the worst violations of Human Rights occurred in 1976 during the last military dictatorship. Thousands of missing people , exiled, and decimated families are the silent testimony of it. This tour aims to walk through some emblematic places and narrating the facts which where described in the official report named NEVER AGAIN.

Never Again political violence, crimes for reasons of state or religious intolerance.

The tour includes references to the attacks suffered by the Jewish community in 1992, 1994 and more recently the death of the public prosecutor in charge of the investigation.

We will also visit the well known ESMA, a clandestine arrest center,  (now a Memory Site) and the Park of the Memory, that is a monument to victims of Terrorism in Argentina. A 14 hectars area, located by the Rio de la Plata. It’s a place of memory that combines the forcefulness of a monument where the names of the disappeared and murdered by the state repressive actions and the accurate capacity that arouses contemporary art and direct visual contact with the Rio de la Plata are inscribed.

Duration: 4 hs approx.